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Adventure Tours

Apart from game drives and boat cruises, you can explore the world with your own two feet by participating in trekking or walking tours.

Different ways to travel offer beautiful and engaging moments, but trekking via trails that traverse different landscapes is exceptional.

Nothing is more impressive than getting back to nature. Challenge yourself and enter the landscapes for serene environments filled with fresh air.

Take a picture of yourself in a setting that is surrounded by vegetation types, rolling hills and more. Relax nearby a rushing stream or plunging waterfall.

Follow the meandering paths that weave through the mountains, rocky terrains, floating villages and pretty hamlets.

A trekking trip in African countries like Uganda, Rwanda or Dr Congo is all about embracing the incredible landscapes, unique moments and new cultures that exist in the most remote parts of the continent.

Our hiking adventures take you to some of the world’s most isolated and beautiful locations for great encounters.

With variety of off-the-beaten-path trekking opportunities in the world, you can choose from a range of introductory treks to challenging excursions that are designed to bring you closer to the culture, history and wilderness of a certain nation.

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