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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in western Uganda, nearest o the historical town fort Portal, spanning n districts of kamweenge, rubirizzi, rukurigiri and kasese, and the exact place is fort portal-mpondwe road, rubirizzi. This park has the best of Uganda’s wildlife and vegetation so beautiful it will amaze you to see.

Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the most visited game parks in Uganda because of it’s thrilling variety of wildlife. It has plenty of wildlife as you see and drive through the park, like leopards, zebras, elephants and so on. The park is flooded with plenty of wild life like Lions, Elephants, Uganda kob, and hyenas among other animals which you will enjoy to explore.

The park also has a Kazinga Channel within that will thrill you. This channel joins lakes Edward and George. It is known for its high population of hippopotamus, enormous beasts with sharp horns and an appetite for days. You will also enjoy a view of crocodiles and water bird species like flamingos and pelicans. Many more activities will also be available to you like lion trekking, brunch on either the channel of away from it, sightseeing and tree climbing.

This is definitely a park you should visit should you happen upon Uganda in one of your safaris. Be certain to have the time of your life.

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