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Rwanda is one of the top three countries in Africa which are popularly known for habituating the species of Gorillas. Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills” in the Eastern part of Africa receives thousands of tourists from different parts of the World who come to see the Gorillas and other allures of the country.

Besides appealing draws tourists visit Rwanda because of easy of accessibility, favorable climatic conditions, stable financial status, good service providers like tour operators, incredible transportation system, welcoming locals and stable security.

How to Get to Rwanda

Rwanda is an easily accessed destination for most visitors from various countries of the World. Make sure to come with the required documents such that you are granted with the entry permission.

The three required documents include valid passport, entry Visa which costs $30 USD per person and yellow fever vaccination card.

Most visitors to Rwanda access it by air transport means. You arrive at Kigali international airport in Kanombe. This aviation facility is a few kilometres from Rwanda’s Capital city. Kigali city has lots of charming things to entice you.

These include accommodation facilities that range from budget, mid-range to luxury, entertainment places like clubs, pubs, Cinemax and more , cultural sites including museums, genocide memorial sites plus different craft markets.

Moreover Kigali exists with different services which are of importance to visitors. These are transport services, banking services, forex beaural services, Telecommunication services, internet services and more.

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