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Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda the Pearl of Africa

For magnificence, for variety of form, for color, for profusion of brilliant life bird-insect, reptile, beast-for vast scale – Uganda is truly, “the Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is really gifted with nature in all form. With water bodies big and small, mountains volcanic and block, forests both penetrable and Impenetrable, fertile soils, conducive climate and the most bio diverse species of animals, birds and reptiles.

Everything in Uganda is magical the scenery the friendly and welcoming people, the customs and even the languages. One of Uganda’s most prestigious exploits are;

The River Nile

Uganda has the source of the longest river in the world, with a length of about 4132 miles(6650km) and drains into the Mediterranean sea. And square miles 1293000(3349000sqkm) from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia , south Sudan, Drc, Uganda Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda plus Burundi . So it’s called the father of Rivers of Africa. These are one of the aspects that make Uganda the pearl of Africa.

The Lake Victoria

Uganda also has the second largest lake in the world with a suface area of about 59,947 square kilometers, making it the largest worlds tropical lake, and with an average depth of 80meters. It has ofcourse fresh water with millions of species of fish and other water habitats like frogs snails, snakes and crocodiles. It is very beautiful and the areas surround ding it are green and with a cool temperature through all seasons.

Uganda’s Wildlife

Uganda has national game parks and zoos that habit wild animals and birds but oin there natural setting. Animals like Giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, wild birds like ostriches, species of snakes and so much more. Come and see for yourself the pearl of Africa.

The Culture

Uganda’s culture Uganda has exuberant customs and norms are well respected and followed by well indigenous people and thus very welcoming and friendly. The local people of Uganda are respectful of the over 30 languages in the country and the official languages being Swahili and English that we speak with both locals and foreigners. Uganda has done it best to live on to it’s reputation of the Pearl of Africa to the best of its ability through the comeliness of its people..

So as a pearl is a so come and experience the benefits of the country, the magnificent scenarios, the gifts, the mines and lots and lots of wild life to see.

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