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Birds of East Africa


Birds of East Africa

East Africa has over 1,061 bird species currently recorded. These birds are in all sizes all colors with all sorts of abilities and they are a sight to behold. Some of the birds in East Africa are so friendly and even accommodative to travelers. 

East Africa is also the home of the rarest kind of beautiful birds like the ostrich; these are flightless huge birds that are native to Africa, with a long neck and the ability to run at a high speed. Another bird species native to Africa is the Guinea-fowl with spangled grey plumage and a striking resemblance to a Partridges. Flamingos, these are gregarious wading beards, usually 3-5 feet, and they are beautiful and lovely to behold.

More exotic bird species include; Shelly’s crimson wing, Africa green broad-bill and created cranes of Uganda that represent all the colors of the Ugandan flag. Also peacocks with extreme beauty and flare there mesmerizing wings to attract the peahens which are the female in the specie, the talking parrots, hawks eagles and owls and barn owls, woodpeckers ,falcons and caracaras, drondos And I could go on till 1000 more but let’s stop here for a bit.

There are several birding sites in East Africa and in these include Bigodi swamp and Murchison in Uganda. Also lakes in Uganda like Bunyonyi , Lake Mburo and Albert are very popular places for many species of birds due to the water source, the green and soil around.

In Kenya Masai Mara which has over 50 birds of prey and other birds. Nyungwe national park in Rwanda over the 600 species of Rwanda you can see over 300 species in this park alone because of the peace and quiet in this place.

And lastly the thick and Prestigious Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda has interesting bird life because of the forest thrush. Therefore should you a bird Lover East Africa is the place for you to travel and enjoy the scenery with Magic African Safaris.

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