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Kidepo Valley National Park

Another non forgettable adventure in Uganda is the Kidepo valley national park. This game park is located in karamoja in Northeastern Uganda and is 1442 sqkm and 2750 metres by mountain length, it also transected by rivers Nrus and River Kidepo. This big game park has over 100 mammal species as well over 55 bird species. However in Uganda it is mostly popular for its big population of Giraffes with over 50 individuals living in just one park.

The local people around karamoja are called karamojong and they are mainly pastoral people, similar to the masai of Kenya they live outdoors with their cattle, moving from place to place in hunt for green pastures and water for the cattle. The native people in the park speak English and they are very friendly , accommodating and knowledgeable of the animals they stay around and can provide good guide for the enhanced enjoyment of your trip.

The giraffes as you know are very friendly animals, however much they belong to the wild savannah, they allow to be fed, petted and are 100% herbivore so carry along carrots and vegetables if you want to be friendly with the and get as close to them as possible. Carry along a camera phone, or a digital camera for added convenience and complete capture of unforgettable moments on this adventure. You will also see other animals of course, Gorillas, chimpanzees, hippopotamus ,lions ,and reptiles like fish, frogs, tortoise , also birds in their own habitats.

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