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3 Day Serengeti National Park

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3 Day Serengeti National Park

3 Day Serengeti National Park, Serengeti National Park is one of the most famous wildlife conservation areas in the world, located in northern Tanzania. It is renowned for its vast and diverse ecosystem, including the annual migration of wildebeest and other herbivores. A three-day visit to Serengeti allows you to explore a portion of this incredible landscape and witness the abundant wildlife. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a 3-day Serengeti safari

Day 1: Central Serengeti – 3 Day Serengeti National Park

Morning, Begin your adventure with an early morning game drive in the central Serengeti. The soft light of dawn enhances your chances of spotting predators and other wildlife as they become active in the cool morning hours. Seronera Valley is a prime location for big cat sightings, including lions lazing in the sun and elusive leopards draped over tree branches.

Afternoon, Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by the breathtaking scenery. Seronera River, coursing through the heart of the park, offers an excellent opportunity to observe hippos wallowing and crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks. Afternoon game drives continue the exploration of the diverse landscapes and ecosystems that make Serengeti a haven for wildlife.

Evening, As the sun begins to set, embark on a sunset game drive, a magical time when the Serengeti’s inhabitants start their nocturnal activities. Spot animals that are more elusive during the day, such as hyenas, owls, and other night creatures. Return to your accommodation, where you can share stories of the day’s sightings around a campfire under the starlit African sky.


Day 2: Southern Serengeti/Ndutu Area

Morning, Head south towards the Ndutu area, especially if your visit coincides with the wildebeest migration (December to March). Witness the awe-inspiring sight of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras as they traverse the plains in search of fresh grazing grounds. The Ndutu area, with its open landscapes and acacia woodlands, provides a unique backdrop for this spectacular natural phenomenon.

Afternoon, Explore the Ndutu region further, encountering not only the migrating herds but also the predators that follow in their wake. The open plains offer excellent visibility, making it easier to spot cheetahs sprinting after their prey and lions lounging in the shade. The Ndutu area is a photographer’s paradise, with the changing light casting a golden glow on the savannah.

Evening, As the sun sets over the southern Serengeti, embark on a sunset game drive to witness the vibrant colors of the sky and perhaps catch a glimpse of predators on the move. The Ndutu area is also known for its birdlife, so keep an eye out for colorful feathered residents. Return to your accommodation for a night immersed in the sounds of the African wilderness.


Day 3: Western Serengeti – 3 Day Serengeti National Park

Morning, Head west to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti, exploring the Grumeti River. This region is known for its lush landscapes, providing a striking contrast to the open plains. The riverbanks are home to hippos and crocodiles, and the surrounding woodlands harbor a variety of bird species. Game drives in the western Serengeti reveal different wildlife behaviors and interactions.

Afternoon, Continue your exploration of the western Serengeti, keeping an eye out for unique sightings such as elephants grazing near the river and buffalo herds meandering through the grasslands. During the dry season (June to October), witness the dramatic river crossings as wildebeest navigate the crocodile-infested waters, showcasing the circle of life in the Serengeti.

Evening, Conclude your safari with a farewell sunset game drive, savoring the last moments of your Serengeti adventure. As the day comes to an end, reflect on the incredible experiences and memories you’ve collected during your three days in this iconic national park. Return to your accommodation for a final night in the heart of the wilderness.


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